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Photograpy & Custom Backdrop Pricing

Photo Pie Heavyweight Fleece Backdrop Prices

Photo Pie Ultra HD Backdrop Prices

Backdrop Fabric Options

Fleece SwatchHeavyweight Fleece: Soft & Flannely
Similar to durable sweatshirt material, Fleece backdrops offer a seamless, machine washable, the most wrinkle-resistant, more affordable, alternative to JerseyCloth. Fleece is a heavyweight material with a soft, knapped backing. Dye-sublimation printing gives it a brilliant, colorfast image while still making it washable/dryable. Since it is made for photography, image surface has a non-glare matte finish. Because of JerseyCloth's wrinkle-free nature, it can be stored folded, rolled, or stuffed in a bag/plastic crate. Comes with a top-side rod pocket, shipped folded.
Ultra HD SwatchUltra HD: Thick & Semi Satin
Photo Pie's luxurious seamless, washable, wrinkle-resistant, background cloth. Our subsitute for the previous InspiraCloth. Dye-sublimation printing method makes it machine washable and dryable, yet with rich, vibrant colorfastness. It is made for photography, so image surface has a non-glare, matte finish. Because of Ultra HD's wrinkle-resistant nature, it can be stored folded, rolled, or stuffed in a bag/plastic crate. Comes with a top-side rod pocket, shipped folded.

 Fabric Samples!
Pole Pockets: All of our backdrops come with a standard 3" pole pocket across the top. We can add a complimentary pocket across the bottom if requested. Side pockets and grommets are not recommended but if needed we can give you a quote on those as well. Please note in some cases, rod pockets may slightly subtract from overall dimension of the image.

Backdrop Shrinkage

Every piece of cloth is a little different. With the dye sublimation process, there's no way to predict the exact shrinkage of any backdrop. Our policy is that anything under 10% shrinkage in either direction is normal. Most often it's under 6" but sometimes it happens to shrink more. When measuring, please use a tape measure that can span the entire length and make sure that it's on a flat surface without any sag. If you need a backdrop to be an exact size, please purchase the next largest size so that we can cut/hem it to your specifications. Pole pockets can affect the size as well. We take the top 3" of fabric, fold that over and sew it to create a loop so that you can hang it from a stand or pole.

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