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Bokeh & Out-Of-Focus Backdrop Info

What the heck is "bokeh"?

If you've ever wondered what the heck Bokeh is, you're not alone! This isn't a common word outside the photographer community, but basically bokeh is the circle blur when the lens is out of focus. Visit Wikipedia for a more in-depth explanation, but scrolling through our library below will give you an idea of what we're talking about. It's all about lights and focus. Whether you're wanting to further enhance your subject on a blurred background or to add a lively scene, look no further!

Bokeh scenes can be abstract, festive, or take place in everyday environments, like the city. Disco, on the other hand, is saved for the dance floor! Break out your bell bottoms and get ready to tear it up with our disco backdrops!

Why PhotoPie Backdrops?

All of our backdrops come standard with a 3" pole pocket across the top. More options available upon request. Unlike the focus of bokeh lights, our backdrops will never go out of focus since they are dye sublimated with the colors locked in tight. No fading, no glare and 100% washable and steamable. Our JerseyCloth is even wrinkle free!

What are the Advantages of Using a Bokeh Backdrop?

There are a couple advantages to using a bokeh backdrop. The first advantage is that the blurry look of bokeh automatically creates emphasis on your subject(s). This can drastically cut down the amount of work in post-production because your background has been blurred for you! The second advantage is that you get a unique look without having to do a lot of the work yourself (cursing yourself for how you put the lights away last time, untangling them, artistically draping them, checking for burned out bulbs, putting them back in the package so you can do the same thing again for the next shoot and start the cycle all over again). Even though the bokeh style is purposefully blurry, the image resolution itself is sharp and crisp, and all you have to do is hang it up, take your pictures, and take it down!

Question: What is the best way to achieve a blurry background? I know the bokeh backdrops are blurred to an extent, but how can I create the same effects?

Answer: We're no experts at photography here at Photo Pie, but there are a few different ways to get a blurry background that will emphasize your subject(s). Check out this step-by-step guide detailing three different ways to blur your background. We also have a blog post on this exact subject.

Bokeh Backdrops for Babies

Bokeh is hands-down our most requested backdrop style for anything baby; from newborn and infant to toddler and beyond. Pastel bokeh prints are great for newborn photography and baby showers. But as children get older, the photography evolves along with their personality. You may want to go with a nice red and green bokeh for a Baby’s First Christmas shoot then onto a bright and cheery color pallet for the toddler years. The best thing about babies is they don’t need a lot of backdrop; 4’x4’ is perfect.

Best Size Bokeh for Kids

The main consideration is whether or not you want a floor portion on your backdrop. The floor is usually in focus, while the background maintains the bokeh effect. You’ll want plenty of fabric to shoot from different angles and to give enough “wiggle room.” Our 5’x7’ tall backdrops have 3.5’ of wall and 3.5’ of floor which allows children up to 3 years old to stand up in the photo for full body shots. Around 4 years old, you’ll probably want to bump that up to a 5’x9’ (4.5’ of wall) to accommodate for their growth spurts.

Winter & Christmas Bokeh

Snow and Christmas lights both steer us towards bokeh right off the bat. Falling snow creates a great depth of field in any portrait. Our backdrops can capture that depth with bokeh so that you can shoot in-studio without having to sit around and wait for mother nature’s perfect fluffy snowfall that may never come. While you could set up your own Christmas lights, achieving the perfect bokeh may be a time consuming process especially if you’re shooting tons of portraits. Our library has tons of ready-to-shoot holiday images or we can easily bokeh-ize any of our images free of charge.

Christmas Red Sparkle Confetti
Neon Pink Christmas
Frozen Bokeh
Bokeh Fog

Easter & Spring Bokeh

Most likely you’re using an Easter or Spring image for kids. So we’d recommend the 4x4 or 5x7 size. These soft pastels are perfect for showcasing your chidler’s prizes from the Easter Egg Hunt. Little spring dresses POP on these backgrounds. Fully washable and dryable, you’ll be able to use these backdrops year after year.

Easter Egg Bokeh
Pastel Easter Bokeh
Spring Leaves Bokeh
Spring Bokeh

Bokeh for Wedding Photography

Most white wedding dresses need a good pop of color behind them to set them off. But a new trend we are seeing is out of focus midtone bokeh backgrounds. If you’re taking full body shots, we recommend a 9x16 or 10x20 size. If you’re just doing waist-up or head shots, a 5x5 will be perfect for you.

White Blossom Bokeh
Soft Floral Bokeh
Smokey Gold Bokeh
Rose Bokeh

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