Sensational Seasonal Backdrops

Capture every season's beauty without dealing with harsh temperatures and uncooperative weather! With Photo Pie's selection of seasonal backdrops you can shoot in the summer without breaking a sweat. Create a winter wonderland anytime of the year without waiting for the right weather.  We've even added some holiday themed backdrops.

With Photo Pie's photo backdrops you'll always look like you're on location.  Our backdrops are made to add a 3D element, putting your subject in the scene.  We offer three different cloth types (PrismaCloth, JerseyCloth and InspiraCloth) that are all wrinkle-resistant, washable and won't cause a glare!

Try our InspiraCloth double sided backdrops for extra value!  Essentially you get two-backdrops-in-one for your convenience.  Use one side in the spring and the other in the winter without taking up extra space in your studio.

Any of our seasonal backdrops can be used for wide format printing as well.  Just select your size and specify during checkout that you'd like it wide instead of tall and we'll send you a proof to make sure we get you custom backdrop printed just right.


Not finding what you're looking for? Email us at to have us help you find the perfect image!