Black and White Ball

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Black and White Ball

Elegance. Grace. Poise. Sophistication. Fancy dresses. Suits and ties.

Prom. Awkward teenagers. Questionable attire. Long lines for prom pictures. Good times.

Let your subject feel like the belle of the ball with these stunning backdrops! Perfect for special events, school dances, and more. Looking for the movie-worthy staircase entrance? Need a regal ballroom to strut your stuff? These backdrops are sure to please with their elegant and romantic settings. Waltz your way through our image library (models not included!) and get inspired for your next shoot. Don't see what you're looking for? Submit your own for your own special evening and get swept off your feet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kinds of cloth do you use, and are they going to last a long time?

Answer: You can find more details here, but here's the short answer: no matter which backdrop you choose, our three cloth types (InspiraCloth, JerseyCloth, and PrismaCloth) are durable, washable, glare-resistant and versatile so you can use them for years to come.

Question: What are my options as far as size, and what in blue blazes is the difference between "floor" and "no floor"?

Answer: They are available in all kinds of sizes as well as a "floor" and "no floor" option. A detailed explanation and examples can be found here, but essentially a backdrop with a "floor" is a taller size. A portion of the backdrop rests on the floor, giving the backdrop a sense of depth and allowing you to immerse your subject(s) more fully into the environment. This also gives the photographer more options in regards to use of props and different angles as well as lighting. With the right lighting and camera settings, it can be very difficult to distinguish a backdrop from an actual environment.

Question: Let's say I get a backdrop with a floor. How do I keep it flat while people walk all over it? Do they need to take their shoes off?

Answer: As far as keeping it flat, you can tape the edges and portions of the middle with painter's tape or duct tape, depending on what kind of floor you're working on. If you're looking for something a little more permanent (like keeping a backdrop in the same place for a couple weeks), you might look at using velcro strips. Sew one side to the back of the backdrop and tape the other side to the floor for an easy, secure floor. And no, they don't need to take their shoes off unless you/they choose to. Our backdrops are easy to clean and take care of, so no worries!

Stand sold separately, click here for more information.

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