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Memorial Day Backdrops Memorial day is a day in which we remember and honor those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. America has been celebrating this special day for over 150 years, and it is something that will continue on for years and years to come. We have an enormous amount of gratitude towards the people that were willing to risk their lives to protect our rights and freedoms. "Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay." Barack Obama There is no way to show our veteran’s how much we appreciate their service, but we can sure attempt to. What better way to do that than with Memorial day backdrop? Here at Photopie, we have got you covered! With any one of the various Memorial Day backdrops that we offer in our new collection, you will be sure to put a smile on your Veteran’s face. How much should I plan on spending? The price that you will end up paying depends on the size of the backdrop you end up purchasing, as well as the material that you select. Clearly, the larger the backdrop, the more money it is going to cost. We provide size charts located on our website that are painless to read and will present you with all the information you need. Just head back to our homepage a scroll down to access these charts. As far as material goes price wise, Prisma is the least expensive cloth that we offer, Inspira will be on the pricier end, and Jersey falls somewhere in-between. So what size will I need? As previously stated, the size is going to play a great part in the cost, so now you are probably wondering what size of a backdrop that you will need. Well first ask yourself, how many Veterans do you plan on celebrating? Well, that might be the wrong question, because the answer should be all of them! They all deserve the recognition, but it’s unfortunately impossible to fit all of those wonderful soldiers into a single backdrop, no matter how large of sizes we offer. But, in your own personal circumstance, you will need to determine approximately how many people you would like to fit into your photos. What Material should I choose for my backdrop? All of our fabrics would be great options, but one of them might fit what you are looking for a bit better. Prisma is lightweight and will need steaming. Jersey is a midweight sweatshirt like material that is wrinkle free. Inspira is a triple thick material that has a satiny feel and may also need initial steam. If you're using your backdrop for a one-time event, Prisma is usually the way to go. If you're going to be transporting, setting up/taking down multiple times, then Jersey is what you need. Inspira is usually for permanent installations where you keep it up for long periods of the time. All of our fabrics are nonglare and will provide you with vibrant coloring for your backdrop. For the most part, your choice of fabric will come down to your budget and length of time you have to prepare for your shoot. Since Memorial Day is an annual event, and if you plan on using the same backdrop for next year, we would highly recommend the Jersey Cloth for your material choice. It would make storing easy throughout the year between events as it is wrinkle free, limiting the hassle of steaming. Without having to worry about wrinkles, setting up your backdrop for Memorial Day 2020 will be easy as Pie!

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