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Desert Backdrops

Avoid the deadly animals, sand in your shorts, dehydration, cactus needles, intense heat, burning sun, and all around misery that deserts are known for and get a Photo Pie backdrop instead!

Deserts are harsh and deadly, yet beautiful; they’re exotic, foreign and at times look otherworldly. The mystique of our desert backdrops is part of what makes them great. Capture stories of despair, adventure or even romance with our Desert themed backdrops designed to take your photo shoot out of the ordinary. Want to see the pyramids without going to Egypt? We've got you covered. Like how Monument Valley looks, but don't want to take the time to travel? We also have you covered. Dig camels, but not enough to visit them in a zoo, but enough that you want a picture with one? Look here and fret no more!

Elevate your photoshoot, theatrical production or special event by choosing InspiraCloth, JerseyCloth or PrismaCloth for a durable and washable backdrop. For more information on our fabric types, or for questions in general, check out our FAQ page. And because we love beautiful pictures just like everyone else, here's an awesome travel post featuring awesome deserts and how to visit them.

Having problems matching your subject's coloration with your background? We've been there, and we've also created a tutorial video on how to correct this! Check it out!


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