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80's Themed Photography Backdrops

Really take your 80’s themed photo shoot to the next level with one of our meticulously crafted 80’s themed backdrops! Any of the backdrops that we offer in this category will provide a thrilling environment for your photos, surely to vamp up the excitement. With a combination of one of Photo Pie’s backdrops, a little of the right lighting, and some clever camera angles, and you will be able to create the effect of actually living in the ’80s.

Why the 80’s?

The 80’s was such an exciting and defining era of time. It was filled with vibrant colors, unique music, and so much more. Who wouldn’t want to have an 80’s themed photo shoot?


If we were to guess, if you’re searching for the perfect 80’s backdrop, you are most likely hosting a larger celebration or event. This is not always the case obviously, but we want to provide you with some size suggestions if you are unsure of how large of a backdrop you will be in need of. For extra large groups, say for a party of such, It would be better to play it safe and purchase a larger backdrop. 10ft tall is probably the tallest that you will need to go.


Shadows can make or break your end product when it comes to photography. Shadows are the result of your subject blocking light from getting to the backdrop. Now we are not experts photographers here at PhotoPie, but we do have some tips when it comes to the right lighting to use with our backdrops to avoid ruining your photographs. To eliminate the creation of unwanted shadows, it is smartest to place the person or object that you are photographing approximately 3 ft in front of the backdrop. You may adjust the distance however you please depending on how edgy you want your pictures to come out, but the further you are away from the backdrop, the fewer shadows there will be.

If this simple strategy is not seeming to eliminate all of the shadows, there are other effortless things that you can play with to get your desired effect. You may want to try maneuvering your light source to different places to see if that gets you where you want to be. Lighting mainly just comes down to trial and error.

Mounting Options

There are many different routes that you can take when it comes to mounting your backdrop, and it mostly just depends on how much you are wanting to spend on a backdrop stand price wise. If you are only seeking a one-time use stand, we would suggest checking out some options over at Amazon where they offer some cheaper prices for some lower quality stands. If you are planning on having a permanent stand set up for your backdrops, we offer two different sizes on our website. The first is our standard stand, able to support backdrops ranging from 4 ft to 12ft in width. Our wide backdrop is our second option, capable of supporting a backdrop anywhere from 12ft to 20ft wide.


Having trouble deciding if one of our provided backdrops is just special enough for what you are looking for? Wanting to tweak a thing or two to really make it flawless? Feel free to shoot us an email if you have something that you would like to change, and we would be more than happy to assist you in all that we can do to help. Here is a quick breakdown of the process of customization:

- Choose one of the provided images, a stock image, or just one of your own.

- Shoot us an email at and one of our customer service providers will get back to you asap with some mock ups and proofs

- Let us know what to you would like us to revise to make the final product what you first envisioned, together we will make sure to create your perfect backdrop

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