72 Stunning DIY Backdrops

72 Stunning DIY Backdrops

5th Oct 2016

There are many ways to get creative with your photography on a budget. With resources like Pinterest, there is no limit to how creative you can get with DIY photography backdrops. From coffee filters to old crooked doors, almost anything can be made into a great backdrop. What better way to enhance your photos on a budget?

"Tutu Cute" Ballerina Flower Backdrop

Elegant and easy to create with any type of paper. Add some glitter for an extra sparkle!

Metallic Sequin

Great use of fabric strips or even tablecloth material. This project is simple and can be done quickly.

Paper Chain Links

Although a tad more time consuming, the chain links are a classic favorite.

Wax Paper Garland

These come out gorgeous when finished. With a little effort, this is a beautiful backdrop.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Fun and easy way to create a colorful backdrop! Tissue paper comes in every color which makes it great for this type of backdrop.

Record Wall

If you have access to old records, this would especially nostalgic and a great backdrop for photos.

Bokeh Backdrop

This backdrop can be created with any shape in mind. This is a photographer’s best free tool when shooting bokeh photos.

Tinsel Backdrop

Tinsel can be found at many craft stores and in many colors and sizes. This makes for a fun backdrop!

Doily Backdrop

This is super easy and the outcome is beautiful.

Big Fringe Garland

Another super easy buy a tad bit time consuming project. Simple cutting makes for a new twist on fringe.

Hot Air Balloon

This is amazingly creative and inventive. This idea can be used to make so many scenes!

Fringed Scallop

The Scalloped shape adds a “dainty” look to this backdrop.

Circle Backdrop

This is a fun, colorful backdrop idea. It’s simple and can be made from almost anything.

Giant Paper Flowers

This one may take a little more creative effort but the results are worth it!

Flower Wall

These flower and pinwheel shapes can be found at any party store and/or food store. This is a fun way to incorporate color and texture into your backdrop.

Marshmallow Snow

This is a gorgeous, whimsical look that would look great at a wedding or fancy party!

Homemade Wood Backdrop

Wood backdrop are all the rage for photography shots. Clients always want the “distressed” looking faux wood and this is a super easy way to achieve it!

Cloud Backdrop

This look is great for a kids photoshoot and it is also very easy to make.

Book Backdrop

If you have a bunch of extra books lying around, this is a fantastic backdrop!

Greenery with Streamers

This backdrop look is great for weddings, anniversaries, etc. Very easy to make and the photos will look gorgeous.

Punch Paper Backdrop

If you have some time on your hands, this is a great backdrop. A lot of circle cutting and sewing is involved!

Giant Pom Pom Garland

Pom Poms like these are popular at party stores and prove to be great backdrop props!

Hanging Yarn Ball Backdrop

If you are super crafty, these yarn balls look amazing! Done using a balloon that is later popped, this makes for a great conversation starter.

Hexagon Backdrop

Another somewhat time consuming project but the effects are so very worth it!

Ombre Tissue Paper Backdrop

The ombre look is a great backdrop piece and adds pizazz to your photos!

Tree Trunk Backdrop

If you have access to a giant tree or maybe just Amazon, this project is so unique!

Song Lyrics Backdrop

This is truly beautiful and would be a perfect fit for a wedding.

Distressed Wallpaper

This one can be easily made for scrap fabrics sold at craft stores.

Antique Wall Backdrop

Old frames can be found almost anywhere to create this look! An antique sale or an old attic might hold some neat treasures for this backdrop.

Ribbon and Lace

With just a couple spools of ribbon and lace, this backdrop can be created in under an hour.

Sheer Lights

If you have access to christmas lights and some sheer curtains, this backdrop really sparkles.

Wooden Crate Backdrop

Most stores like Home Depot or Lowes will provide you with pallets at no charge.

Fancy Fringe

If you have a big enough space, this fringe wall will shine and dazzle in your photos.

Unicorn Backdrop

This backdrop is wonderful for kids parties and just everyday, fun photo shoots.

Rustic Backyard Backdrop

This is another pallet backdrop but with flower garland for a simple, organic look.

Fabric Faux Wood

Here is a gray wash faux wood backdrop that is very simple to create and use multiple times!

Christmas Bow Backdrop

This backdrop is especially relevant during the holiday season. Grab a package of 100 bows and go crazy!

Rainbow Tablecloth

This one is made with only 6 tablecloths that you can purchase at any party store. Super simple!

Green Natural Garland

This is also a great one for the holiday season. The natural green garland will be easy to find in stores around that time!

Ombre Balloons

Get ready to be out of breath with this one! Worth the dizziness as it makes a great backdrop.

Twisted Streamers

All this backdrop takes is a few rolls of streamers and some patience. This makes for an easy photo backdrop.


This one can be done with either paper or chalkboard paint. This is great for kid photography shots!

Snowy Backdrop

Another backdrop that involves much patience but is worth the sweat and tears.

Colorful Newspaper

If you can find beautiful newspaper like this, this backdrop will look lovely in photos.

Star Garland

If you are going for a starry night theme in yours photos, this is one to try.

Paper Airplane

Who didn’t used to make paper airplanes as a child? A great throwback to childhood comes alive with this easy backdrop.

Rustic Doors

This backdrop is gorgeous granted you could manage to find power outdoors. But if you can, this makes for a romantic background.


Always a favorite among children, the superhero backdrop! This can be made with paper or cardboard and some paint.

Spooky Homemade Backdrop

Perfect for Halloween photos, this backdrop is surprisingly easy to make.

Umbrella Backdrop

This is a very cute idea for kid photography and can even be made by the kids themselves!

Artsy Rain Cloud

A very artsy project that screams COLOR!

Hanging Frames

Another beautiful backdrop involving old antique frames with liven up your outdoor photos.

Paper Ribbon Strings

These paper ribbon strings are great for a quick indoor shoot.


Balloon and Triangle Backdrop

More balloon blowing up or if you are lucky, a helium tank.

Garden Scene Wooden Backdrop

This backdrop is a show stopper but will take more work to complete. The results are stunning.

Wooden Curtain Backdrop

A great organic, whimsical backdrop perfect for outdoor, county photos.

Fresh Garden Streamers

A little bit of streamer, and a little bit of bead and there you go! Perfect for garden shoots.

Striped Open Curtain

Great outdoor photo idea to frame the great outdoors.

Parasol Backdrop

With about 15 parasols, a unique, airy backdrop is made!

Whimsical Latter

With the ladder already made, this will be an easy project with great results!

Wall of Flowers

Time and patience!

Metallic Leaves

Grab a box of faux leaves and carve out a few hours!

Country Fabric Backdrop

With some scrap fabric and scissors, this backdrop can be created!

Pitchfork Backdrop

Around September/October bales of hay are everywhere! Take advantage!

Ribbons and Globe Lighting Backdrop

This one works great as a party backdrop. A little lighting and some colored ribbon and there you go!

Dipped Dyed Coffee Filters

Who would have thought coffee filters could make such a gorgeous backdrop?

Vintage Plate Backdrop

Simple yet elegant vintage backdrop idea.

No Sew Geometric Cloth

What is great about this one is that you could cut any shape you desire.

Monochromatic Paper Flowers

These paper flowers can be made or store bought!

Wall of Vines

There might actually be something that looks like this on a building near you, but if not, one can be made easily!

Yarn Backdrop

This backdrop looks AMAZING with the ombre colors.

Lace Backdrop

This one can be done easily with a yard or two of lace fabric.  

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