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How do we know this? Easy... We know our customers. Schools LOVE our high quality, glare-free prom backdrops.


Well, that may be true but our question to you is: Do they have the perfect backdrop? Probably not. Most photographers only have a select handful of boring backdrops that are less awesome than ours. (Unless they bought them from us of course!) So, do your photographer a favor and order the best backdrop in the industry for them to use. Better yet, order a couple backdrops! Pick an image from our massive library or we can print a custom backdrop at no additional charge. 

Paris Backdrops


Tropical Themed Backdrops for Prom


Well this one we have a whole category devoted to this theme (beach backdrops), but here are a few examples from our archive.

tropical-paradise.jpg tropical-prom-themes.jpg



Red Carpet Backgrounds


We have quite a lot of red carpet backdrops, along with many more than let you feel the glitz and spotlight that goes along with the hollywood scene.

hggh-48412.1351580721.800.800.jpeg gqqr-58460.1351580946.800.800.jpeg gppp4.jpg hggg2-95613.1354849699.800.800.jpeg rotunda-theater-.jpg gqqq-72987.1346813200.800.800.jpeg 



City Lights Backdrops for Proms


We've got lots of options here for city lights backdrops...

las-vegas.jpg brooklyn-bridge1.jpg new-york.jpg tokyo-nights1.jpg hong-kong.jpg



Black & White Ball Backgrounds


Basically anything very elegant will qualify for black and white ball themes, and these are a just a few (among many) that come to mind.  Click on the above link or also try perusing our "interiors" category for more ideas.

checkered-hall1.jpg blue-lotus-backdrop.jpg french-ballroom.jpg



Casino Royale Prom Backdrops


So, basically all of the elegant themes shown above would be perfect for Casino Royale and other spy themes, but here is one that quickly comes to mind for games in Espionage.

espionage-1-.jpg espionage-2-.jpg 



Retro Themed Backdrops


We have tons of retro themed backdrops for your prom.  Here are a few that come to mind first.

retro-50-s-backdrop.jpg retro-living-room.jpg 121c-95829-48169.1304099048.800.800.jpeg



Under The Sea Backdrops for Prom


We have an entire "Under The Sea" category dedicated to this theme as well...

underwater-backdrop.jpg ocean-tile-backdrop.jpg school-of-fish-backdrop.jpg coral-reef-backdrop.jpg

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