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Stunning Exterior Photography Backdrops

Ah, the great outdoors. Beautiful landscapes, scenic vistas, and the thrill of the chase. We've all seen some truly magnificent outdoor shots, but rarely do we think about the hassles that can come with a photo opportunity like that: packing up your equipment (don't forget the spare batteries), checklists for all the stuff you need to make sure you don't forget that one thing back at the studio, getting to your location and the conditions aren't right for your shoot, time-consuming treks for the perfect scene, and the ever present but slight threat of danger. Fortunately for you, you can create stunning shoots without leaving the comfort of your studio! With Photo Pie's exterior photography backdrops, you'll have people wondering how you find such great locations to shoot at. No matter what the theme of your next shoot or event, Photo Pie has the perfect exterior backdrop for you!

We use forced perspective and realistic images in our photography backdrops to draw the subject into the scene. All you have to do is add some lighting and find an angle that produces the look you want. See our tutorial for some additional pro tips, and check out this awesome gallery of phenomenal outdoor photography!

All of Photo Pie's backdrops are:

    • Washable
    • Wrinkle-resistant
    • Color-fast (sublimated)
    • Seamless
    • Non-glare, Non-Shine
    • Vibrant 

But our exterior photo backdrops aren't just for photography - we carry a variety of sizes and cloth types that are also great for theatrical productions and special events as exterior backgrounds.  Do you have an image that you’d like to use instead?  Send us the original and we’ll customize it for printing on any one of our three cloth types. Not sure which cloth is right for you? Check out our Fabric FAQs or order some FREE SAMPLES for your viewing pleasure!

Stand sold separately, click here for more information.

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