5 Ways to Make More Money

Everyone is looking for ways to make their business more profitable, right?  We have some ideas here at Photo Pie, that we feel can give you an edge on your competition.  Read ahead for the 5 tips, or go here to download the PDF version.


1. Show your clients greater versatility than they’re used to seeing from other photographers. Everybody can take family portraits in front of a white backdrop, or dyed blue or brown muslin.  While these looks are very classic, simplistic, and hold a certain degree of demand, still, all of your competitors are offering these styles as well.

How do you differentiate yourself?  By offering looks that no one else is doing.  In the traditional photography mindset, to have image variety would mean to build really cool and elaborate sets, or travel far distances to exotic places. However, a more practical and economical option would be to have Photo Pie backdrop options that you can rotate in and out. Use the backdrops for awhile to get attention, and then once your clients have seen those looks, get fresh ones to keep them coming back. 


2. Use our free promo to show your clients your studio is doing some edgy things. Put your own pictures in the template slots, or use the Photo Pie promo pictures already in place. We used this template previously for seniors, but you can choose a client segment that you’d like to specifically target. If high school seniors are your target, you can obtain mailing lists of these seniors from this website, or if you have personal contacts, you can disseminate these advertisements through those personal channels. In any event, the template does not have to be specific to any client sub-set, nor are Photo Pie products only specific to one type of customer. Click here and proceed through checkout like a regular product (price is $0) do download the template.


3. Offer your clients an EXPERIENCE.  After all, it’s not only about what the images that they take home and share look like, but also about how much fun they had during the whole session. Green screens photography is cold and detached, and it’s very difficult to FEEL the environment in that setting.  When you have a realistic, scenic backdrop, however, it’s easier for your client to “get in character” and feel involved in the alternate locale. With a realistic backdrop, a client can see what’s behind them and imagine what they would act like or look like if they really were there in that scene.

Backdrop photography that is executed in a quality, realistic way, can be a form of escapism—like a short fantasy getaway. If you’re on the East Coast, then give your clients access to far-away deserts.  If you live in the South, give your clients the possibility of some winter scenes. Or perhaps it’s nothing more than an opportunity for out of season photography. In the end, it’s something that your competitor can’t do – take winter shots in the summer, or summer shots in the winter.

In addition to backdrops, if you invest in corresponding costumes, then it becomes an even more fun and memorable experience (especially for your female clientele).

How does this translate into your bottom line? Offer your customers an EXPERIENCE that no one else is giving them, and the word will spread. As long as you’re taking great shots, then the buzz about your studio and what you offer will increase—and so will your customers.  The more customers, the higher your revenue will be.

4. Offer Photo Booths and Event Photography.  Looking for ways to up your studio exposure and increase sales?  Photo Pie products are great for both, and again, it’s a chance to create looks that your competitors aren’t offering. Make your weddings more memorable with exotic photo booths. Give your special events special zest with realistic backdrops …. and even costumes.

5. Save money
We all know that money saved means profitability increased. Photo Pie is pleased to offer quality products at more economical prices than our competitors.  Additionally, if you ever find a lower price for a same or very similar product—then we’ll beat that price by 10%.  If you can purchase your photography supplies for a better price, naturally, your studio will be more profitable.

We'd love to know how you are implementing Photo Pie products in your business.  Please comment or send us an email at more.info@photopie.com to share your ideas and suggestions.

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