Carnival Superheros

Carnival Superheros

Published by Jeremy Smith on 15th Aug 2014

Here's a great new possible income stream for your business. Do like these two photographers did, and set up two ladders by two custom printed backdrop laid on the ground. Use people's own cell phones to take the pictures, and then you don't have to worry about distributing the pictures to your customers later. They can share them with their friends and family instantly through their own cell phones, and then you're job is done!


Everyone raves about how much they love this, and how quick and easy it all is. The carnival or public event organizers compensate you, and the people at the event really enjoy themselves. After the fact, you've gotten your name out there to hundreds of people, which in turns builds your local business and things snowball. It's really easy, and a lot of fun!  Check out some of the below pics from a recent event.



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