Backdrops 101

What does your tagline mean?

"Backdrops for those who don't like backdrops" Everybody knows what unrealistic or cheesy backdrops look like, but hopefully when you browse our facebook galleries or storesite galleries you'll see the difference. When people gasp and ask us "What?! THAT'S a backdrop?!" we know we've done our job right. And although our niche has long been realistic printed backdrops, we've also expanded to solids which we feel can be beautiful, artistic, and a perfect fit in with our tagline.


Are these digital backdrops?

No, these are the real thing – physical cloth backdrops with the printed background and floor all on one piece (unless of course you want a squared size with no floor).


Are your backdrops non-glare?

Absolutely! Don't buy backdrops that have glare. You won't pull off any kind of realistic look if the camera picks up glare.


Are your backdrops 3D?

Full vertical sized backdrops (5x9, 7x12, 9x16, 10x20) include the floor and background portions printed together on the same piece, using forced perspective to draw the subject into the environment.  So if that's what you mean by 3D, then the answer is yes!  For a closer look at what these backdrops look like in action, watch this tutorial


Why Not Just Use A Green Screen?

Why use custom printed backdrops vs a green screen?  The answer is easy: it saves you time and money!  You don't have to spend endless hours in post-production photoshopping all of the shadows and lighting imperfections that can easily be done at the time of the photoshoot.  Add some props and you've got all of your work cut out for you.  The only thing you might have to photoshop in is Granny, because she had an incident with a reindeer and couldn't make it to the shoot.

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