Backdrop Sizing

What Size Do I Need?

There are many things to take into consideration here.  Usually with any custom artwork, such as a step and repeat logo, you want the backdrop to show behind the person about 2 feet on either side to get a good photo.  If you scrunch people in, you can really maximize your shot.  Here are our recommended "non scrunch" sizing:

  • 1 Person can fit on a 4 foot wide backdrop
  • 2 People - 6' wide
  • 3-4 People 8' wide
  • 5-6 People 9' -10' wide
  • 8-9 People 12' wide
  • 10-11 People 16' wide
  • 12 People 20' wide

What if I want a size that isn't listed on your site?

Our standard policy is that any custom size rounds up to the cost of our next standard size (ex: a 10x17 would be the rate of a 10x20, an 8x15 would round up to a 9x16, etc). If you would like a custom quote, please send us an email along with your artwork. Feel free to email us at for a custom purchase link for custom sizes, if that is what you're wanting.

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