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What happened to Prisma, Jersey and Inspira?

In 2020 our previous printer went out of business. But great news! We now offer much higher quality and faster fabrics! Fleece is our substitute for Jersey. It is a lot thicker and softer. HD is a stretchy substitute for Inspira. It's not thick and silky like Inspira, but it does have a much tighter weave which provides a higher resolution print!


What is it made of?

Both of our printed cloth types (Fleece and Ultra HD) are seamless, washable, and wrinkle-free.  Read more detailed cloth type descriptions here.


So what's the real difference between the three cloth types?

 See our pricing & cloth type page for more info.  If you would like to order free cloth type samples, click here.


What does "no floor" mean?

You may have noticed the phrase "no floor" on the pricing chart above or on the price options on the backdrop products on our site. The following explanation is how we "normally" do things, but if you'd like any image to look a certain way, please let us know and we'd be glad to accommodate your special requests and adjustments. So, the main image you will see displayed on every product is the full, vertical aspect ratio. IN this case, the picture below (on the left) would make 5x9s, 7x12s, 9x16s, and 10x20s backdrops and would take great full-length vertical shots like this example (on the right):

asiandoors4.jpg  chinesedoor01-8200-48393-35847.1304097668.800.800.jpg

If you ordered a squared size of this backdrop, like an 8x8, 10x10, etc., then we would crop off the bottom and print the top squared portion to look like the picture below (on the left). With this type of backdrop you would only be able to take three quarter/knee-up type shots because your backdrop wouldn't have the ground to stand on (like the example with the model on the right):

asiandoors5.jpg  chinesedoor01-8273.jpg

So you might think this is concept is fairly straightforward on a product that has a clearly defined floor and wall division, but what about more scenic environments where there's no clear place where a "floor" starts? How does "no floor" work on these images? Well, the simple answer is to just put your hand over the bottom half of the image, and what remains above your hand is the top half you'll get printed on your backdrop with a squared dimension. Below shows how you could use a full vertical size (5x9, 7x12, 9x16 or 10x20):

apoc.jpg  a1.jpg

If you wanted this backdrop to be a squared size (instead of a full vertical size like above), then you could still take great shots but you just wouldn't have the ground area to stand on like the pictures below:

apoc8.jpg  apoc9.jpg

Does it wrinkle?

Our three cloth types are all wrinkle-resistant, and JerseyCloth is the most wrinkle-resistant of the three--we would even say wrinkle-free, by textile standards.  It is, pretty much, ready to shoot on straight out of the box.  If you have any fold lines in your backdrop upon arrival, you can throw it in the dryer with a damp towel for a couple of minutes and many of the wrinkles will relax dramatically.  All backdrops will have creases after storage, but ours are the most wrinkle resistant on the market.  After you have it secured for your shoot, you may want to go over the cloth again with a garment steamer to get out any remaining wrinkles.  For more info on these three cloths, watch this quick video or check out this chart.


Which Fabric Should I Choose For My Custom Type Of Event?

Are you shooting photos indoors or outdoors?  Outside photography is best done with UltraHD as it is the thickest and most opaque of our fabrics, but can be accomplished with Fleece if you're on a budget and can make sure it's not backlit by the sun. All of our fabrics are glare free and perfect for professional use.  If you've ordered and received our free fabric samples and are still unsure as to which you should choose, we'd like to ask you a few questions:

  1. When indoors, are you constantly taking it down and setting it up?  If so, we'd recommend both of our new fabrics as they are both wrinkle resistant.
  2. Are you printing any sort of small text or fonts on your custom backdrop?  Ultra HD, due to its tight weave, prints at the highest resolution with Fleece coming in a close second.  JerseyCloth does not handle small fonts very well due to its fuzzy, sweatshirt texture.  We never recommend printing fonts smaller than 1/2" tall. 

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