Boudoir Backdrops

Boudoir photography is stunning and sensual. Our collection of backdrops for boudoir photo shoots range from classy, elegant, and opulent to simple, mystic, and serene. Use our backdrops to set the mood and create the perfect boudoir photograph.  Red is the color of love and we have just the bed of roses for you!  But that's not all. We have a vast collection of amazing realistic scenes. Photo Pie's backdrops are non-tear and non-glare just in case. With the matte fabric and your own studio lighting, you'll be shooting superb portraits out of the box.

Not seeing the perfect setting for your steamy session? Submit your own and we'll get you ready to go

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I see that a lot of the backdrops shown on your website look like they have floors. Is that part of the backdrop, or a suggested look?

Answer: The floors on our backdrops are actually part of the backdrop. This is what's referred to a backdrop with a "floor". The backdrop is designed to be tall so that your subject(s) can stand on the "floor"part and be more fully immersed in the backdrop's environment. As the photographer, this gives you more options when it comes to shooting from different angles and using props. Most of the images we have available can be formatted with or without a floor. If you have questions, contact us and we'll help you out!

Question: How would you suggest I light some of these backdrops?

Answer: We're no experts here at Photo Pie, but the best thing that you can do (especially before you start a photoshoot) is take lots of pictures with different lighting setups until you find what you're looking for. Try multiple lights and positions, different camera angles and settings, and once you find something you like, run with it!We've included a pretty helpful link here explaining different ways to light a subject.

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