Floor Mats

There are two ways to get a printed floor for your backdrop from Photo Pie: attached to your backdrop or as a separate item. You can choose to purchase a tall backdrop that has the floor image printed on the same cloth for a seamless image, but many professional photographers want the ability to mix and match. Our floor mats are a perfect idea for fully customizable photo shoots! You could buy a few backgrounds and a few printed floor mats and have endless possibilities to offer your clients.

One challenge with seamless, all-in-one backdrops is how to keep them flat and in place. You can use gaffer's tape, velcro strips, staples, or some sort of low-pile carpet, but sometimes it doesn't quite do the trick. Thats where our handy printed floor mats step in! Felt-topped and rubber backed, these mats stay in place and are hassle free. These mats are super easy to clean; watch our video about spills and stains where we demonstrate how easy it is to clean a printed floor mat. Whether you're choosing a stock or custom artwork, the images are permanent and non-fade with our same dye-sublimation process.

molding.jpgWe have geniuses in our midst! A handy idea that came from some of our customers is to put a piece of molding or wood trim in between the backdrop and floor mat to help hide the seam and make the transition make look more natural.